Every good custom cabinet project starts with a well thought-out design. There are three basic options available regarding design:

1. We can provide complete design service for your cabinetry, for free. We use 3D CAD design software.

2. We can fine-tune an existing design by a qualified designer or architect.

3. We can build to the exact specifications of your own qualified architect or designer.

Project engineering is the arduous process of transforming a design concept into a buildable product. Proper engineering insures that your cabinetry will not only look as designed, but will continue to work flawlessly even after years of daily use.

Computer aided drafting is a vital step in our ability to produce intricate and challenging projects capably, on time, and without errors. Although tedious, the unsurpassed attention that we place on this process becomes increasingly more evident the larger and more intricate the job becomes.

Our methods provide some of the clearest and most comprehensive shop drawings in the industry, helping to alleviate any misconceptions for either the client or the contractor. Once our shop drawings are approved, your cabinets are precisely built in our facility according to these shop drawings.