True custom cabinetry is more than beautiful finishes, stunning design and gorgeous woods. It is about drawers that open and close effortlessly, doors that hang straight and flat, reveals that are consistent and clean.

Quality modern cabinetry demands that all of the components that go into a cabinet be fabricated with accuracy and precision. At Plumbridge Custom Cabinets, we have invested in accurate and reliable European style machinery that allows our craftsmen to achieve this extraordinary level of precision.

At Plumbridge Custom Cabinets, we are particularly proud of the quality and durability of our finishes. Be it hand stained, glazed or distressed, everything is done with a keen artistic eye and attention to detail you normally only find in the finest furniture.

Skilled artisans do our finishing at our facility, in a specially designed, ventilated and dust free environment. This allows us to employ special, high quality catalyzed finishes that are suitable to the punishing environment of a modern kitchen.